• James Jones, Lead Minister

    James joined the TCC ministry family in February 2014. He and his wife, LeAnn, and their daughters moved from Florida, where they served at Crossroads Christian Church in Largo. James can't imagine doing anything else, because he loves preaching and teaching from Scripture. Many people know James is a serious coffee drinker, but what you may not know is he won an award for being the second kid in kindergarten to memorize the books of the New Testament. "Some girl beat me out for first place, and she got a bigger, nicer card that listed the 27 books...I'm over it though." James made it through kindergarten relatively unscarred and went on to earn his B.A. from Milligan College (1994); M.A. in New Testament Studies (2003) from Johnson University; and a D. Min. (2011) from Londen Institute of Evangelism. Contact James at james.jones@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Ken Manning, Worship/Senior Adults

    Ken has served at TCC since 2001. He is a native of southwest Louisiana and loves to cook (and eat) Cajun food.  In 1975, Ken married Joy (Whited) who faithfully serves by his side in ministry. Ken and Joy have four children and three grandchildren. Ken graduated from Ozark Christian College in 1974 with a Bachelor of Sacred Literature, and attended Amarillo College and West Texas State University, majoring in music education. Contact Ken at ken.manning@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Zach Crowley, student Ministry

    Zach joined TCC in June 2015. He has a variety of ministry experiences including serving on staff at several different Christian schools and churches as a teacher and student minister. If you want a challenge, play chess with Zach sometime...but know that he used to travel and play in national tournaments! When he was a little boy, he wanted to be a police officer to help and protect others. Now he pours that passion into ministry to "help families that are far from God enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I enjoy helping parents, children and teenagers understand how Jesus is relevant to their unique life situation." Zach's education includes: B.S. from Western Illinois University (2010) and M.A. in Christian Education from Lincoln Christian University (2014). Contact Zach at zach.crowley@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • LeAnn Jones, Children's Minister

    LeAnn began serving in children's ministry in high school and has always felt passionate about pouring into children's lives. She earned a B.A. in Music Education from Toccoa Falls College. LeAnn served as the Children's Minister at Crossroads Christian Church (Florida), where she was ordained, and recently served as the kindergarten teacher at VisionWay Christian School. When she was little, she declared she wanted to be motorcycle-riding nurse! LeAnn loves spending time with family, which includes TCC's Lead Minister James Jones and daughters Lauren and Lillie. She says, "I'm excited about the possibilities of ministering along with you...Together we can help our children understand what it means to love God and love others." Contact LeAnn at leann.jones@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Shelby Smith,

    Contemporary Worship Coordinator

    Shelby graduated from Lincoln Christian University in 2016 and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Formative Worship from Lincoln Christian Seminary. She loves coffee, watching football, tacos, jumping out and scaring people and music. Her favorite thing about worship is "that I not only get to connect with God through music, one of my deepest passions, but I also get to help usher people into God's presence as we worship together each week."  Connect with Shelby at shelby.smith@taylorvillechristian.com.



    Susan is passionate about equipping and encouraging others to live healthy spiritual lives inside and outside the church walls. Susan speaks at conferences, retreats, and team-building events as a Ministry Consultant. She writes women's Bible studies and devotionals and daily blogs at PurePurpose.org. In her spare time, she loves to take long walks on country roads, bake cookies and breads, and play with her chocolate lab Della. Contact Susan at susan.lawrence@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Steve Basham, Ministry Assistant

    Steve serves as TCC's treasurer as well as Ministry Assistant.  Steve helps TCC run smoothly and efficiently.  He is retired from GSI in Assumption (where he once won a large gingerbread house for winning a table game at the Christmas party). Three words that describe Steve well are caring, generous, and self-conscious. When he was younger, he wanted to become an airline pilot, and he is now content to ride his bike and travel.Contact Steve at steve.basham@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Deb Frye, Administrative Secretary

    Deb has served as the front office welcome since 2002. She and her husband, Randy, have two grown sons, J.B. and Justin (wife, Amy), and one grandson, Zander. Deb serves in her position because she likes to help people. She enjoys golf and all kinds of puzzles. When she was eight years old, she won a contest for blowing the biggest chewing gum bubble! Contact Deb at deb.frye@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Sue Boyd, Custodian

    Sue's mom used to say, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Even though Sue knows that's not in the Bible, she contributes her love for keeping things clean and tidy to her mom's words! When she was little, she wanted to become a nun. Now, in addition to keeping everything at TCC clean, Sue is a massage therapist and nail technician and works at Loving Arms Crisis Pregnancy Center. She enjoys dark chocolate and a "good cup of joe." Sue is married to Don, and she spends as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren.