• James Jones, Lead Minister

    Originally from Marietta, Georgia, James came on staff at TCC in February 2014 when he and his wife, LeAnn, and their daughters moved from Florida. James can't imagine doing anything else because he loves preaching and teaching from Scripture. He enjoys baking, drinking a cup of coffee with family on the front porch of their home, and reading a good book. His claim to fame is that he won a worldwide contest (really just an Instagram post) held by the St. Louis Science Center to name their giant pumpkin. His entry, Gourdzilla, was deemed the best. James holds B.A. from Milligan College (1994); M.A. in New Testament Studies (2003) from Johnson University; and a D. Min. (2011) from Londen Institute of Evangelism. Contact James at james.jones@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • jerry patterson, worship minister

    Jerry came to TCC after worship ministries in New York, Nova Scotia, Ohio and Kansas.  While daydreaming in left field of a little league game in Kansas, Jerry set his sights on standing at home plate with a microphone to sing the national anthem followed by playing for the Royals.  Both of those dreams have fizzled, but he does have a more significant audience of One to sing for every week.  He and his wife Lorri have a daughter, Marleese, in campus ministry in NY and a daughter, Zuriel involved in home education and harp playing with them in Taylorville. Contact Jerry at jerry.patterson@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • LeAnn Jones, Kids Minister

    LeAnn began serving in children's ministry in high school and has always felt passionate about pouring into children's lives. She earned a B.A. in Music Education from Toccoa Falls College in 1992. LeAnn served as the Children's Minister at Crossroads Christian Church (Florida), where she was ordained, and served as the kindergarten teacher at VisionWay Christian School before coming on the TCC staff. When she was little, she declared she wanted to be motorcycle-riding nurse! LeAnn loves spending time with family, which includes TCC's Lead Minister James Jones and daughters Lauren and Lillie. Contact LeAnn at leann.jones@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Steve Basham, Ministry Assistant

    Steve serves as TCC's treasurer as well as Ministry Assistant.  Steve helps TCC run smoothly and efficiently.  He is retired from GSI in Assumption (where he once won a large gingerbread house for winning a table game at the Christmas party). Three words that describe Steve well are caring, generous, and self-conscious. When he was younger, he wanted to become an airline pilot, and he is now content to ride his bike and travel.Contact Steve at steve.basham@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • janet zerfowski, administrative secretary

    Janet joined TCC's staff in January 2019 after many years working in the marketplace. Janet welcomes people in person and by phone to the church office, handles the print publications, and keeps our office running smoothly. Email Janet at janet.zerfowski@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • taylor dexheimer,

    graphic artist

    Taylor graduated from Hannibal LaGrange University in late 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design. She loves cooking, quilting, sewing, crafting, and talking to people. She says the thing she loves most about her job is "getting to make art that points people to Jesus" . She lives with her husband John Dexheimer in Taylorville, Illinois. Connect with Taylor at taylor.dexheimer@taylorvillechristian.com.

  • Sue Boyd, Custodian

    Sue's mom used to say, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Even though Sue knows that's not in the Bible, she contributes her love for keeping things clean and tidy to her mom's words! When she was little, she wanted to become a nun. Now, in addition to keeping everything at TCC clean, Sue is a massage therapist and nail technician and works at Loving Arms Crisis Pregnancy Center. She enjoys dark chocolate and a "good cup of joe." Sue is married to Don, and she spends as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren.