Expand Initiative: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's The Purpose?

    The GOAL is to provide tools to expand the ministry of TCC so that we can love God and love others more completely. A larger fellowship hall will provide space for teaching opportunities, events at which we connect with each other, and events at which we connect with people in our community. Increased Student Ministry space for junior high and high school students will allow us to reach the next generation of Christian servants and leaders. Improved hallways, handicap-accessible restrooms, enhanced  early childhood check-in environment, and meeting rooms in our current facility will allow us to welcome people more effectively.

  • What's The COST?

    We estimate the cost of the planned improvements to be approximately $875,000. The total cost of the project has increased since the first estimates were released because the scope of the project has been enlarged to include the following:

    • An enclosed corridor between the current facility and the new building. 
    • Higher walls to allow for the corridor, more activity in the Student Ministry space, and clearance for the buses in the garage. 
    • More stone work on the facade of the new building to further improve its appearance.
  • What will the new building include?

    A large, new fellowship hall to seat 120 comfortably. 

    A new student ministry space for large group gatherings and small group sessions with plenty of room for games and fun. 

    Meeting space to accommodate small and mid-sized groups. 

    A kitchen and restrooms shared by both large rooms. 

    A garage to house both the church and school buses. 

    A covered corridor between the new and existing buildings.

  • What will renovations include?

    Renovated, handicap-accessible restrooms.

    Meeting/classrooms for adults. 

    Centralized office space. 

    Enhanced Early Childhood check-in space. 

    Wider hallway leading from Welcome Center to Worship Center.

  • What can you do?

    Pray. Our elders and staff ask that you pray daily for this initiative as we move forward. We want both God’s guidance  and blessing as we begin construction and renovation. 

    Give. We ask that you pray about making a financial commitment above your regular giving. Consider giving: 

    • Courageously. Write the largest check you’ve ever written to the church on Commitment Sunday, October 15, or at any time after.
    • Consistently. Give weekly or monthly through 2019. 
    • Creatively. Think of non-cash gifts: real estate, boats, cars, recreational vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc.